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Managing a Move | Richard L. Hoffman & Associates, Inc.

Managing a Move


Our support of a client’s project includes two distinct periods: planning and execution. Planning is supported by Hoffman’s principals. Execution is supported by Hoffman’s principals, on-site project managers, and cost managers. These tasks may vary from project to project, depending on a client’s needs.

During the planning period, Hoffman’s principals will hold meetings with the client and perform surveys, collecting information about the quantity of goods, the time frame for moving, technology concerns, and building logistics. From this we will build a move plan, create a budget, and write a realistic request for proposal.

We’ll issue the RFP to qualified movers who have experience with projects similar to the client’s. When the bids are received, we’ll provide a comprehensive analysis of the rates, hours, and discounts provided. Our principals will assist with interviewing bidders, negotiating with finalists, and writing a contract with the winning bidder.
We’ll create a move schedule, detailing daily and weekly activities throughout the duration of the project.

Our principals meet with Information Technology to discuss technology requirements and timing, including the server move and the disconnect and reconnect of the desktop PCs and network printers, and whether the client has sufficient internal resources to perform these services or if they need to seek assistance from a third-party vendor.
Move coordinator meetings and town hall meetings manage employees’ expectations, introduces them to our processes, and lets them know what is going to be needed from them during the move.

During the execution period, Hoffman’s on-site project managers, supported by our principals and cost managers, will interact directly with a client’s project team and employees. Our project managers are only assigned to a single project as a time. They are all trained to follow the same, strict processes and to use the same documents and forms to manage a client’s move. This ensures continuity of service in projects when we need to bring in additional project managers.

Our project managers work hand-in-hand with the client’s mover, ordering the mover’s labor and equipment each day, tracking the mover’s costs with our financial team, distributing moving tags to employees, overseeing the packing and unpacking of files and common area goods, and assisting the employees. They are on site during the move preparation, all pre-move services, through the course of the weekend move, and for all post move services when employees return to work.

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